Reel Breakdown:

1. Monk Comes Down the Mountain IMAX trailer
done at Hectic Digital.

2. Western Digital server rack
done at Hectic Digital

3. Cityscape as Data animation for Gartner
done at Hectic Digital

4. Borderlands promotional animation
done in cooperation with Academy of Art University

5. "On Fire" character animation.
features Morpheus rig by Josh Burton

6. Spotlights

7. Robot walk, attack, and death animations
done for speculative Pocket Gems mobile game project

8. Medical animation
done at Hectic digital

9. Environmental / architectural animation
done at NogginLabs, Inc.

10. D7E Promotional Animation
done at Creative Digital Images, Inc. for Caterpillar

11. AuthorIt logo animation

12. Symantec promotional animation
done at Hectic Digital
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