I've been lucky enough to have worked on 2K Games' NBA franchise for NBA2K15, 17, and 19. I was on the face team each time, where I was responsible for facial mocap processing and cleanup, as well as keyframed animation polish.

The NBA games are always a wild ride. The team processes millions of frames of animation - easily equal to an animated feature's worth - making for an exhilarating experience. Seeing it all come together in the final cinematics is always a joy.

Below are a handful of my favorite shots.

I animated a lot of Mo McRae, the player character's principle antagonist. This was my favorite performance of his.

Lucky me got to animate the great Rob Huebel (as well as one of the delightful hashtag girls) in this small scene at a county faire.

Something about this scene gets me. I got to animate a lot of the over-the-top Greensboro character, which was fantastic.

I animated the face of Ginger Gonzaga in this sweet little scene.
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